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California Railroad Guide 2019 review comments from Train discussion forums ...

"Got mine today ... an amazing compilation of information. I am grateful for all the time and effort that went into this book"
"An astonishing piece of work"
"An insane amount of work and information"
"Very impressive and thorough"
"Wow ... a lot of work went into this book. It looks like an old Altamont Press timetable, but on steroids"
"Simply AMAZING ... a work of art!"
"Well  worth the money"
"Highly recommended. I bought the digital download so its now on my phone, tablet and computer. Then I bought the print version"

"As a devoted California railfan and historian, I must say that this book is a very valuable addition to likeminded souls' library. I spent most of today pouring over my copy and thoroughly enjoyed all the pages featuring current maps, diagrams and ETT pages, bringing me up to date on most of my favorite roads and lines. Feeling much gratitude toward Dave for all the comprehensive research and information gathering he has done for us. While a bit thick for back pocket carriage into the field, it will easily displace a drawer or shelf full of individual TTs and other documents in my office."